Throughout the pandemic, small independent businesses have been on the rise, and last summer saw a boom with more than 85,000 businesses launching online stores or joined an online marketplace, such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.


Small businesses needed to be more agile and able to adapt to these uncertain times that has resulted in Lockdowns, and non-essential businesses closing their doors to members of the public. Oh, and of course Self-Storage plays an essential role in this, but how is Doncaster Container Storage helping businesses online?

It keeps the cost low

Doncaster Container Storage offers its customers a wide range of storage spaces at great prices. If you want to start trading online, a self-storage unit will allow you to store your products safely and securely. Not only do Doncaster Container Storage tailor to your business’s requirements, but our services are ideal for those who want to store stock, expand or need more space for their stock.

how is Doncaster Container Storage helping businesses online?

“We do not charge business rates, utility bills or security fees. The money you save can be invested in your business instead.” .

At DCS, we have an easy in, easy out’ flexible agreement, which means you only rent as much space as you possibly need, and for only as long as you need it for. In unpredictable times, we want our customers to minimize your financial exposure and using storage space means you can reduce your high street presence.


The most important thing to learn is that if you rent one of our storage spaces, you really can reduce your overheads and with our fixed rates you know exactly where you stand with your cash flow.

Free up some space!

An online business can be tricky and challenging, especially if you’re running everything from home. However, with a dedicated storage unit, you don’t have to rely on boxes and carboard packaging stacking up at home. You will find Storage Units come in many different sizes at Doncaster Container Storage, meaning you can easily find one that’s right for you as you require – and of course, available straight away when you need it. You can always scale up or down on a unit whenever you need it.

Not just for holding stock!

Our storage units are not just ideal for keeping all your stock safe and secure, you can request to have lighting and racking at an additional cost, which will organise your space as you need it, and it will also become a mini shop as well.

If it’s the office you need more, without the added worry of working from home, you can request to turn our containers into a mini office for your business. From shelves and desks to computers and a fast internet connection, you will find everything you will ever need at Doncaster Container Storage.

Highstreet retail, a thing of the past?

Our self-storage units make it easier for small businesses to move online because they eliminate the need for retail space. We don’t encourage the high street to disappear completely, but if smaller businesses are struggling, we don’t want you to keep paying rent for a premises that you’re hardy using fully, or simply want to change the way your business operates, you can rely on our storage units to provide the space you need.


Whether you’re an eBayer or a YouTube business, or anything else in-between; a self-storage unit has multiple uses, and of course, it can be used to store your merchandise, but we don’t mind what you use the space for – office, studio, or just storage. It’s all up to you

Fully Secure

Peace of mind if always the case here at DCS, knowing that your possessions are safe and secure at all times due to our 24-hour security system, access door entry controls, intruder alarm systems, etc.

Of course, our site is also COVID- secure. Everyone including staff members must wear face coverings at all times, but our smile and friendly service is still the same.

Our storage facilities offer a clean, modern unit for all your business needs, be it for office space, the offsite stock room or traditional large space storage. We’re cost-effective and perfect for small businesses who are starting up and don’t need a high street presence or for those that need to scale down or move their business online.


So, whether you no longer need retail space or you are setting up an online business, we will give you the flexibility you need to run it your way.

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