How to set up a Home Office

How to set up a Home Office

Working from home has proved to many employers that staff can be trusted to work remotely more than ever, even if some places are letting staff come back in – it’s really down to you if you feel ready to return to the office. Here at Doncaster Container Storage, we even adapted to working from home, still helping our customers whenever, wherever! What’s more incredible, employers all over the world are seeing the benefit of home working instead of renting an office space.

Home Office Picture of a desk set up

However, having a comfortable home office setup is more essential for your mental health and physical wellbeing, being hunched over the laptop while sat on the sofa for the past 5 months, it might be time to consider setting up a home office especially if you have a spare bedroom that no one us using. Don’t worry it may seem like a chore, but you will feel as productive than ever!

Ensure the Set Up is right!

It’s unlikely that your family kitchen table is set up to the same standards as your office desk was. The industry standard for a desk is 29 inches from the floor to the top of the work surface. When setting up your home office, ensure the height of your desk is correct by sitting up straight and looking down at the natural position of your arms – your forearms should be parallel to the ground and your wrist shouldn’t be bent when you type or use the mouse. 

Your Sofa is not ideal!
Be Tidy!

Getting the best seating will defiantly benefit your working style, sitting on a kitchen stool will not. A professional office chair with the option to adjust the height depending on your desk size and height.

Ask your employer for a wireless keyboard and mouse to use in your home office, rather than your laptop keyboard and trackpad. Going wireless will help your home office become decluttered and free of cables – if answering the phone is part of your job, investing in a headset which is comfortable will benefit you from holding the handset for long periods.

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