The sustainable home office space

The sustainable home office space

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Doncaster Container Storage and our customers are all settling into the new normal of working from home. Therefore, it would be the perfect time to think about how we can make our office space more sustainable.

These are our top five tips on creating a sustainable space in your Doncaster home, whether you’re working from an office at home, your garden shed transformation or the kitchen table.


It is important to make sure that you are recycling paper or recyclable materials once you have finished with them. A good office home idea for the space is a dedicated recycling bin. This ensures that you are avoiding putting recyclable and general waste products together and keeps you being sustainable.

Switch off

To limit energy usage, make sure that you turn your computer off and other electronics that may have been used in the work space. If the computer is kept on standby, this means that it will still be using valuable electricity as it is still running in the background.

A handy tip for the home office could be installing a smart meter. This will then monitor energy usage. It also provides insights on when most of the energy is used.

Natural Light

By utilising the natural light in your office space, this means that less energy will be used. The hormone Serotonin is released from the sunlight. It has been found that this can boost mood and concentration.


According to NASA, the introduction of plants into the office space can help in lowering pollutants up to 84%. Plants also help in boosting your mood.

Eco-friendly furniture

You should really consider purchasing eco-friendly material made furniture. If you are looking for a new chair, good examples of sustainable materials are reclaimed wood or recycled plastic. You could also look into buying second hand furniture.

Storage ideas from home

Due to the spread of COVID-19, it is best to not be out and about. Therefore, it is now much easier to sign up for a storage unit in Doncaster. The process to sign up for a storage unit is now available online.

At Doncaster Container Storage, we think it is very important to get to know our customers in order to build a long-lasting relationship with them. By listening to their stories, we can easy find out their needs and find storage solutions. A high level of customer care will still be ensured, although we prefer not to do this in person.

In order to cut back on paper use and waste, we have paperless contracts. We find that it is much more convenient if “paperwork” is sent directly to your inbox. The storage agreement will easily be able to be found when it is needed. Due to these reasons, we have made a full move online for this.

We would like the process of moving customer’s belongings to be easy. therefore, always welcome customer feedback and storage solutions in order to improve what we do and to make the process easier for customers.

It is uncertain about how long the COVID-19 pandemic is going to last, but we ensure that our contact free signing up process is easy and safe for customers.

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