Organisation 101

Organisation 101

With some of us are still choosing to work from home, some of you might already have a small-scale home office set-up, however, you probably won’t have set it up with the intension of it being your sole working space.

Organisation 101

Organisation 101 tips

As we all get used to working remotely, what better time than now to get your home office organised? Doncaster Container Storage is here to help you out, we’ve complied our top three tips so you’re ready to work as usual.

Looking for space to declutter? Look no further, we can help

First off, spend a day getting organised and declutter. Arm yourself with a roll of bin liners, some boxes and handy tidy trays. Decide what you need daily, once a week, occasionally or never and put them to one side, everything else – throw away!


Our archive units are a great way of storing away files and those all-important documents.

Double Down on Duplicates

it’s not always necessary to have a ‘back up’ or spare of all your items. This is what often leads to overflowing cupboards full of copies. Try to get rid of duplicate items, either through re-gifting, or donating to a local school or workplace. Trust us, no one needs four staplers laying around.

Move to Digital

Listen, we love picking up a book or magazine, but files and endless files of paperwork? No, when possible, covert paper files to digital to reduce the need for file space. Not only will it prevent dust and paper taking up the space, it also means your documents are always on hand from a click of a button.


A simple way to increase productivity is to make sure your filing is well organised and stored away. Shelves are an easy and cost-effective addition and will help you feel like you have more space, while good old fashion filing cabinets are also a must, allowing you to keep your work and documents organised and secure. There are plenty of shelving options available online.

Now that you’ve cracked on with our ‘Organisation 101’ tips, you can soon move onto the ‘fun part’ which is decorating, I think staring at the same wall for months on end surly has to entice you to freshen up the look of the house.  

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