Returning to School after Lockdown

Returning to School after Lockdown

Returning to School after Lockdown

For many students across the Doncaster and the surrounding areas in South Yorkshire, going to school will be a challenge especially if they haven’t attended as early as March 2020. The subsequent lockdown is an unprecedented situation in our modern times, but how will we get our children prepared by returning to school after lockdown? Doncaster Container Storage is on hand to support families throughout this next big step of having some sort of normality.

Returning to a routine

In the time leading up to returning to school try and start to get back to the routine you used to have during term time.  A big part of this is maintaining good sleep patterns, but also getting prepared the night before, such as, school uniforms, pack lunches, and school equipment.

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Positives over Negatives

Most of us will focus on the negative rather than the positive throughout this pandemic.  One way to counteract the negativity bias is to make a list of the things we can be grateful for. You can also start to think about the things you are looking forward to when you return to school.  Lots of students have been talking about how nice it will be to see their friends and teachers again, as well as having a change of scene.

Things will be different

All schools across Doncaster and South Yorkshire will have their own approach and safety measures in place. You can expect smaller groups, classrooms will feel different and timetables might not feel the same to keep it staggard with other year groups.

Look out for others

Those students that are ‘shielding’ will need to continue to study from home.  Keeping in touch with your friends in this situation will help them feel that they are not missing out. When you are back in school, remember that people will react in different ways.  Being aware of this will also help you support those around you.

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