With more and more people opting to stay at home more, including children who will be spending more time doing their homework in their bedrooms – here at Doncaster Container Storage, we have some bedroom storage hacks that reveal a sea of storage ideas.

Clever Bedroom Storage Hacks

So, don’t worry, if your bedrooms are getting a mess we are here to help.

The Bedroom Storage Hack

With the Coronavirus Pandemic still in the news headlines, some people are opting to continue to work from home, which could include turning the spare bedroom into a Home office, mini classroom or playpen for the children. But what do we do with our belongings? Bringing work/school work home is piling everything up because let’s be real, we’re all in tight confined spaces.

Installing Shelves

Makeshift Shelves for a Bedroom

Putting that empty wall space to work by installing shelves along the perimeter of your bedroom walls, which will add dozens of square feet of storage space for you to add folders, books or games.

Another use for Binder Clips

Organise those computer or HDMI cables using a few binder clips. It’s one of many DCS Storage Hacks for small spaces that works well on its own, and it also empty’s the draw full of unused binder clips you’ve been meaning to go through for months.

Blinder clips storage hack for cables

Corner Clothes Rack

An empty corner of your bedroom will be ideal for a corner clothes rack, because let’s face it, your wardrobe is already full. They can also be used for shoes too.

Old Suitcases = vintage night stand

Stacks of old suitcases can add a nice stylistic flair to your bedroom plus convenient storage for the things you need but don’t use every day.

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