As everyone prepares themselves for that ‘new norm’, returning to work and getting back to seeing your colleagues again since Lockdown began, here at Doncaster Container Storage we’re all about making space for the things you need, but what do you do when you don’t have the benefit of a big office with ample storage?


We have some top tips on how to make your office clean & organised, ready for when you go back to work.

A Photo of a Clean & Organised Office in Doncaster

Clean & Organised Office Tips

The Start of the day

You’ve heard this all the time during Lockdown by Boris Johnson to health officials, you’re going to keep hearing it more often – wash your hands, as soon as you enter your workplace. Then cleaning down your desk, draws and any pigeon holes/filing system that you use.


Think long and hard about what you really need and what you can live without, the less reports and paperwork on your desk the better it will remain clean and decluttered. Consider filing under job codes, projects or by months of the year – starting with simple letter trays, which you buy from most stationary stores or pound shops for as little as £2.

Make things accessible

Placing the most often used items such as pens, staplers, calculators, etc. within easy reach will not only help you get your work done quicker, but it will also avoid you walking around the office and mixing with other people – remember, the virus is still around, so social distancing has to remain especially in the workplace where 3rd other household will be present.  

Don’t fall for your weakness!

When you’re sat at your desk all day, its often hard to notice any real changes to how clean & organised it is. Take photos of your desktop to keep track of your space. Identify the areas that becomes cluttered more quickly and make a conscious effort to stay on top of it.

Keep up the good work, we’re all in this together

At the end of each day, put things back in their place and clean the surface after use, and you’ll come into the office ready for the next day – it’ll only takes 10 minutes to do so.

With these easy tips and tricks, you should be able to notice a big difference in your work style by keeping the office clean & organised from any germs and clutter.

If you need more space, consider some Larger storage.