Our homes are now classrooms, offices, nurseries and gyms, as most people in Doncaster are currently working from home due to the pandemic and Lockdown living restrictions. As a result, homes are becoming cluttered and untidy.

Better Lockdown Living - Woman working from home

Our DCS experts have found that clutter has a negative impact on our Mental Health, with 54% of us admitting that our mess impacts our stress levels.

Doncaster Container Storage is going to share their advice to help keep the homes of the people of Doncaster as functional as possible whilst adapting to life in Lockdown living without the cluttered mess.

Lockdown Living: Identify your Boundaries

Creating a separate space for both working, teaching and exercising in your home, so no one is disturbed throughout the day. If you have a spare bedroom, transform it to a classroom or a home office – or if you’re looking to workout from home, keep your exercise equipment neatly stored.

If you don’t have a dedicated room to use, perhaps ask your family or housemates if they can avoid using the area around your workspace. This can help boost your concentration throughout the day and reduce distractions.

What’s to stay and go?

Having everything at your fingertips for home schooling or working from home can seem like the best feeling ever, but try to keep things you don’t need tucked away in cupboards or storage boxes to help reduce distractions.

Using the unused Wall Space

Working from your home desk could be smaller than the desk you use at the office, so, by saving on desk space, use any available wall space you have in your home office, spare bedroom, or living room to attach any useful work documents, or school learning materials.

This is also a great way to encourage visual learning such as, creating a wipe board for your children by placing a sheet of plain A4 paper inside a punched pocket and attaching to your wall using a wall-friendly tape or tack.

Tidy Away

One of the most important steps is to make sure your home still feels like, well a home and not a classroom or a home office, clearing away everything into storage boxes will help you escape the work stress to home comforts after each day.


Keeping a home calm and relaxing during Lockdown is important, but taking care of your possessions as you store them away is equally so. For stationery, such as pens and felt tips, always ensure that the lids are replaced at the end of the day and are stored away from sunlight, especially if your desk is near a window.

Stability and security

Although the response to COVID-19 has spurred new connections with our neighbours, established bonds within communities provide a basis in which these can flourish. Doncaster Container Storage has recognised the importance of being able to ‘put down roots’ and that without the security of a long-term home, people are less able to build links to the local community.

The lockdown has underscored the critical importance of keeping our home safe. So, here at Doncaster Container Storage, we have suitable 24/7 security on site and are able to keep your belongings safe at an affordable cost to you.


All of the above can be put to good use while the world battles the coronavirus pandemic and we adapt to ‘Lockdown Living’ for the foreseeable future. However, once this moment in history has passed, the benefits of decluttering will continue and our homes will be as tidy as ever – Our site will still welcome new and old customers, safely and going by the social distancing rules. This is not a new normal, it’s a our normal that just wants to keep us safe.


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