If you’ve been squeezed in a tiny house for 10 weeks or more during Lockdown, you’ll know that every bit of clutter can make you pull your hair out. However, there is good news – here at Doncaster Container Storage in Balby, Doncaster we have got some great ideas to help you max out your rooms in the easiest, budget-friendly way possible.

Tiny house ideas

We’ll be tackling everything from confined Kitchen Spaces to little bedroom ideas, and of course, clever home office ideas since some of us are currently working from home for the foreseeable future.

Tiny House Ideas

Shelving, whether open or behind cupboard doors, could often do with boosted with extra helpful storage. You can do this by installing shelf inserts for cupboards to fit your plates and bowls better, by using magnetic wall storage to hold onto knives and utensils or by adding some wall rails.

Turn a Tiny Room into a Home Office – Like many households, you need to find a solution to your home working (or schooling) storage issues, unlike before you are going to be keeping more paperwork and so, you’ll need to look neat and tidy.

Using a shoe or toy storage box is the perfect place to keep everything together in one place – then once you’ll take your work back to the office, you can transform it back to a toybox again.

Clip-on Accessories do the Trick!

Another disadvantage of working from home is having laptop cables, charging cables, wires galore, everywhere! Using a clip-on accessory such as, lights, portable chargers, etc. will at least keep your mind healthy by working in a tidy place. Plus, the small lights are ideal for reading at night.

Wall Hooks

If you find yourself often needing to rearrange and repurpose your space – from office into guest bedroom, dining space to living space – you will be amazed by how much easier wall hooks are for keeping your tiny house or room tidy from all the clutter.


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