As we prepare to kick-start a new normal with everything essential slowly reopening to the public, the worst thing for students about this time is moving furniture back and forth between semesters. 

Storage units near me in Doncaster

Some students would have been able to leave their belongings in their accommodation during the summer. However, many students live far away from the campus and the process of moving accommodation or picking up their belongings is a nightmare, especially since the Lockdown restrictions are making it difficult to acquire a van.

What makes Doncaster Container Storage better for Student Storage Doncaster? Well it’s the perfect solution.

Student Storage Doncaster

Our secure student storage at DCS gives you the perfect place to store your belongings. You can rent one of our storage containers and store everything between semesters.

You don’t need to worry; our 24/7 security will ensure you that all your belongings will be kept safe and secure while you’re at home. There’s even our flexibility, which means that you don’t have to stress about moving everything back to your dorm.

It’s not just between terms that you’ll find use in our student storage Doncaster at DCS. If you are in dorms, you’ll know how small dorm rooms are. Our student storage can give students some much-needed extra space, we’re even open and give access to your space from 2am which is a big benefit.

Special Offers For Student Storage

Being a Student comes with its own responsibilities and finding a good place to store your belongings shouldn’t add to your worries as we have got it covered for you!  

Book Storage
Sports Storage
Moving Campus Storage

Book Storage

Running out of space to store the textbooks and personal books that you accumulate over time? Our storage options are here to help!

Sports Storage

Have a passion for sports but no enough space to store your sports equipment? Checkout our storage options.

Moving Campus

Moving to a different place for your studies can happen and if you are looking for a place to store your belongings you are at the right place.

Contact Us

If you need Student Storage, you can contact us here. However, due to these unprecedented times that we’re living in, we do also offer a contactless payment, please get in touch with us for more information.