Our Doncaster Container Storage Experts are blaming the fewer Police and warning households with vehicles, as they are at greater risk of Motor Theft from their homes during the 9th week of Lockdown. Would Vehicles Storage be the answer to stop Motor Theft?

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Motor Theft like ‘Car Showrooms’ say experts

Motor Theft has risen up to 60% in parts of the UK between 2016 and 2019, with the greatest rises more in Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire. While in West Midlands the ‘UK Car theft capital’ with at least 7,883 stolen motors in 2018-19 alone, saw a big spike in the crime.

The DCS Experts are now saying that we should warn the South Yorkshire and Doncaster Community as they face a greater risk of motor theft during Lockdown, and that they should consider using Vehicles Storage at our 24/7 secure Doncaster site.

The lack of Police on the street has caused a spike of Motor Theft that has rocketed up to 60%, leaving homes at greater risk of being broken into and cars stolen while the whole country is in Coronavirus Lockdown.

Breakdown company, AA have also warned about Thieves could be basically ‘window shopping’ for vehicles that are left on driveways or on streets, with all but essential journeys banned during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“Having your car/van stolen at any time is pretty low"

The owner of Doncaster Container Storage said this in a statement: “Being a victim of Motor Theft at any time is pretty low, but to have it stolen during the Lockdown period feels below the belt. Drivers should consider having their cars or vans locked up in Vehicles Storage, or parked in a well-lit place with CCTV – well DCS has both of those options.”

Vehicles Storage

As cars are sat in stationary conditions for longer periods it may be giving thieves a chance to pick a target and accelerate the crime, leaving homeowners without a car or van.

Whether you have a single car or a full fleet of commercial trucks, or motor cycles, we provide gated vehicle storage units for parking your vehicles ideal for short and long term.

Let’s say you bought a car of your dreams with your hard-earned money but you fall short of storage space. Or you may have to move out of the city for a few weeks or months for on a business project or whatever reason, and don’t have space to park your vehicle, do not fret!

We provide storage spaces for all your vehicles with desired dimensions. Whether it is a single car space or multiple cars, or vans or even trucks, our vehicle storage units are spacious to accommodate all your vehicles. Our vehicle storage spaces are ideal for anyone who wants to access their vehicles seven days a week which is safe and easy to park. 


Vehicles are huge investments and we make sure that your belongings are safe with you. We provide spaces to park your vehicles with affordable pricings and plans. We have hi-tech security. We have advanced digital surveillance cameras to monitor every movement 24/7. That makes our storage facilities safe and secure.

You can book a slot with us for either a short term or long-term option, based on your requirements.

Parking your vehicle at Doncaster Container Storage is easy and flexible. We have a proficient team who will help you choose the right vehicle parking space for your needs. Whether you need a storage space for as short as seven days or as long as months, we provide flexible, pocket friendly plans.

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Suitable for personal use and if you are just starting to explore safe storage solutions.


Suitable for personal use and if you are just starting to explore safe storage solutions.


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