What can you not put in self storage?

What can you not put in Self Storage?

What can you not put in self storage?

You have realised you are running out of space. Or maybe you just want to be better organised and declutter a little? You are moving home and need to store your contents for a while?

There are many reasons people choose to use self-storage units, but there are many things you cannot put in our storage facility that you may not have thought of and need to find an alternative solution for.

But what are they? What can you not put in self storage?

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1. You cannot store ANIMALS in self-storage

Dead or alive! It may seem like a really unusual thing to point out but people do ask to store their pets whilst on holiday or in hibernation (yes they really do ask!)

2. You cannot store HUMANS in self-storage

Dead or alive! Although some self-storage provides 24/7 access, you still cannot use the facilities as a permanent or temporary residence. Yes, it is cheaper than renting, but it’s pretty cold in there and we are not covered by insurance for it.

3. You cannot store FIREARMS OR AMMUNITIONS in self-storage

These need to be stored in climate-controlled units so you need to ensure your facility has this.

4. You cannot store FLAMMABLE, RADIOACTIVE OR COMBUSTIBLE items in self-storage

This might seem very obvious but you cannot store gas bottles, paint, petrol, oil, or cleaning products in self-storage. They are flammable items and can cause significant risk to people and other people’s possessions as well as your own. We cannot legally store radioactive materials in our storage facilities.

5. You cannot store STOLEN OR ILLEGAL items in self-storage

If you do not legally own the items, you can’t store them in our storage container. This also includes counterfeit items, smuggled items, unlicensed medicines, and illicit alcohol.

6. You cannot store HAZARDOUS materials in self-storage

This covers items such as chemicals, radioactive materials, toxic waste, asbestos etc. These cannot be stored as can pose a potentially substantial risk to our premises. Flammable materials are not suitable for our self-storage facility.

7. You cannot store PERISHABLE FOOD in self-storage

Rotting food in a storage unit is not good. Any food that smells will not be good for other users of the units. They do not want their winter clothes or stored curtains smelling of fresh meat. Food items can also attract pests. So we ask you not to store food in our units.

8. You cannot store FIREWORKS in self-storage

Explosives! A big no for a storage unit. It’s a hazard that if potentially ignited would have huge consequences.

What can you not put in self storage?

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Those are the main things you cannot store in self-storage units. Here is a list of everyday household items that you may not think twice about but still cannot store in a storage facility.

  • Art Supplies – you cannot store spirits or paint thinner
  • Bathroom & Kitchen – you cannot store aerosols such as hairspray, nail polish remover, cooking oil, etc
  • Garden – You cannot store fertilizer or weed killer gardening supplies. Also, oil or fuel from lawnmowers, etc
  • Paint – you cannot store paint tins

Items we advise you do not store in self-storage

  • Plants – they will have no light or water and will die
  • Ashes – if you have a loved one’s ashes please store them at home
  • Money – yes our units are secure, but the best place for your hard-earned cash is in the bank
  • Medication – most medication needs to be stored at a certain temperature 
  • Artwork or antiques – check if your unit is temperature-controlled

A self-storage unit can be an absolute godsend for many situations, from moving home, commercial, extra space, etc. No matter what you need it for, we are here to help guide you.

Give us a call if you are unsure or need a little help deciding which storage solution is right for you.

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